Ultrasonic Water Meter I-UWM

Water Meter I-UWM

CNIRhurricane Tech Co., Ltd is proud to introduce the new revolutionary, precise and super reliable ultrasonic water meter, which is according to the ISO-4064 GBT778 standard.
It is I-UWM that be adapted by advanced transit-time measurement technology.

Features and Benefits

  • IP68 Protection
    The UWM is sealed completely to be IP68 protection
    Inside components are waterproof also. The circuit board, transducer and battery are IP68 to ensure long term operation through water in the inside of UWM.
  • Build-in Batch Controller & Time Accumulator
    Set up the time controller by automatically or manually. So as to finish quantitative water supply or quantitative irrigation automatically.
    Set up the time-staring flow accumulation at a set period time, to finish a gradient rate.
  • Heat Measurement
    With the two way PT1000 temperature transducer, which can finish the heat measurement, especially for the refrigeration and air-condition industry.
  • High Accuracy Measurement
    Double beam ultrasonic sensor for high accuracy.
  • Ultrasound Measurement, No Rotation, No Moving Parts
    Long term measurement with high accuracy, stable and reliable operation.
    Applicable to variety of water quality, including the gravel and weeds water quality
  • Low power consumption
  • wide measuring range
  • stable and reliable measurement
  • industrial production
  • Automation industry

Display and Operation


Communication and Signal Output


Easy wiring on the external waterproof junction box which makes it wire without open the cover of the water meter.
The communication interface and output as below:

– RS485
– DC5V
– Two-wired System 4-20mA output
– OCT1 (open collector output 1)
– OCT2 (open collector output 2)
– C1 (TTL level pulse output 1)
– C2 (TTL level pulse output 2)

PS: when ordering, you can choose any two of the above communication interface or output, lead to the external junction box.

Water Meter I-UWM Technical parameters:

StandardISO 4064-2005, GBT 778-2007
Measurement LiquidWater, Sewage, Seawater (other liquid need to be customized),Liquid should be full of the pipeline
Liquid Temperature0.1-30℃
Working EnvironmentTemperature:-10-45℃; Humidity <=100%(RH)
Working Pressure1.6MPa (2.5Mpa optional)
The sensitivity of upstreamU3
The sensitivity of downstreamD0
Climatic and mechanicalClass C
Electromagnetic compatibilityClass E2
Communication InterfaceRS485/USART/Infrared
Output SignalTwo way OCT pulse output / TTL pulse output / One way 4-20mA output
Power SupplyBuild-in Lithium Battery (3.6V 19AH) / DC8-36V
Protection ClassIP68, can work 2 meters under water
Digital DisplayMultiple line 9 digital accumulative flow,4 digital display for instantaneous flow, varies of state prompt and units
Data StorageEEPROM/FLASH, automatically record the accumulative flow of last 512days
Measurement CycleMeasuring: 1times/second; verification: 4tims/second
Power Consumption<=2.7AH/year, 6years battery lifetime