Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Sensor TL1000KC

Liquid Flow Sensor TL1000KC

1 MHz Ultrasonic transducer for Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Sensor TL1000KC used inside ultrasonic flow meter device that measures the velocity of a fluid with ultrasound to calculate volume flow.
Using ultrasonic transducers, the flow meter can measure the average velocity along the path of an emitted beam of ultrasound, by averaging the difference in measured transit time between the pulses of ultrasound propagating into and against the direction of the flow or by measuring the frequency shift from the Doppler effect.
Ultrasonic flow meters are affected by the acoustic properties of the fluid and can be impacted by temperature, density, viscosity and suspended particulates depending on the exact flow meter. They vary greatly in purchase price but are often inexpensive to use and maintain because they do not use moving parts, unlike mechanical flow meters.

Liquid Flow Sensor TL1000KC_1

Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Sensor TL1000KC Technical parameters:

Working frequency(kHz)1MHZ ± 5%
Comprehensive Sensitivity:
3 Vp-p; cycle:8; distance:6cm
(transmitter and receiver)
Beam Angle(-3dB full angle)
Electrostatic capacity400PF ± 20%
Minimal parallel impedance500Ω ± 30%
Maximum operating voltage
(Pulse Duty cycle ratio 2%)
Operating temperature0~95℃
Maxim pressure1.6MPa
The material of the housingPPS
Protection classIP68

The tests were conducted in 25 ° environment .

Total resistance – phase curve

Liquid Flow Sensor TL1000KC_3

Sensitivity test:
voltage:3Vp-p; cycle:50; distance:6cm
Liquid Flow Sensor TL1000KC_4