Ultrasonic Level Sensor TL2000KA

Level Sensor TL2000KA

2MHZ Ultrasonic Transducer for Level Measurement (mounted outside)

What is Ultrasonic Level Sensor?

Level sensors detect the level of liquids and other fluids and fluidized solids, including slurries, granular materials, and powders that exhibit an upper free surface. Substances that flow become essentially horizontal in their containers (or other physical boundaries) because of gravity whereas most bulk solids pile at an angle of repose to a peak. The substance to be measured can be inside a container or can be in its natural form (e.g., a river or a lake). The level measurement can be either continuous or point values. Continuous level sensors measure level within a specified range and determine the exact amount of substance in a certain place, while point-level sensors only indicate whether the substance is above or below the sensing point. Generally the latter detect levels that are excessively high or low.
In short, level sensors are one of the very important sensors and play very important role in a variety of consumer/ industrial applications. As with other types of sensors, level sensors are available or can be designed using a variety of sensing principles. Selection of an appropriate type of sensor suiting to the application requirement is very important.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor TL2000KA Technical parameters:

Center frequency2MHZ
Launched wave beam angle
(-3dB full opening angle)
± 10%
Measure distance0.015~2m
Blind zone<15mm
Electrostatic capacity1800PF ± 20%
Minimal parallel impedance60Ω ± 30%
Maximum operating voltage
(Pulse Duty cycle ratio 2%)
Operating temperature-20~95℃
Dimension(diameter * height, mm)Φ36mm * 14.6mm
Case MaterialAluminum Alloy
Protection classIP67
Cable length1meter (normal)

Ultrasonic Level Sensor TL2000KA can be applied to ultrasonic level meters (B-ULM) which have been developed in our company.