Ultrasonic Level Meter B2-ULS & B5-ULS

Bottom Installation

The B2-ULS & B5-ULS are innovative ultrasonic liquid level meter which be mounted at the bottom of the tank without breaking or make holes. It makes more safety, and more conveniently on installment and operation.
It is an ideal sensor for measuring pure liquids, such as clean water,oil, diesel, gasoline, and liquefied gas etc in small, medium and large capacity tanks

Level Meter B2-ULS & B5-ULS_1

Level Meter Applications
– Tank levels
– Diesel fuel gauging
– Liquid assets inventory
– High or low level alarms
– Process batch monitoring
Remote monitoring
– Input to telemetry systems
– Irrigation control

Features and Benefits
– Bottom mounted,easy to install and configure
– Safety, no broken and drilling on the container
– Magnetically fitted bracket for connecting to Metal tanks
– Narrow beam angle and short blind zone optimized for both large and small tanks
– 4wires for simple cabling connection
– Has external LED Display and programmer

Level Meter B2-ULS & B5-ULS Technical parameters:

Measure Range 0.07-1m 0.07-2m 0.12-2m 0.12-3m
Gasoline Oil B2-ULS-G10 B2-ULS-G20 B5-ULS-G20 B5-ULS-G30
Diesel Oil B2-ULS-D10 / B5-ULS-D20 B5-ULS-D30
LPG Liquid Gas B2-ULS-Z10 B2-ULS-Z20 B5-ULS-Z20 B5-ULS-Z30
Water B2-ULS-S10 B2-ULS-S20 B5-ULS-S20 B5-ULS-S30
All-in-One(all above) B2-ULS-10 / B5-ULS-20 B5-ULS-30
Other Liquids Customized
Output RS485 / RS232 / TTL / 0-10V / 4-20mA
Mounting Bottom Mounted
Beam Range
Ambient Temperature -40° to 80°C
Process Temperature -20° to 60°C
IP Protection IP67
Case Material PVDF/ABS
Power 9-36V Power Supply
Accuracy 1%
Display External LED Display and Programmer
Size & Weight Dia39*32mm, 40g
Cable Length 20cm
Compliance CE, RoHS
OEM Service Yes. Can be Customized
Low Power Can be customized to power with battery and for IOT solution
Level Meter B2-ULS & B5-ULS_2