Ultrasonic Level Meter AS-ULM

Level Meter AS-ULM

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Ultrasonic Level Meter AS-ULM device can measure variety of liquids level & solids distance by using “non-contact” and ultrasonic technology In this device, the ultrasonic sensor is embedded in the control box and must be installed at the top of the tank for measurement This device can transfer information through various communication methods to the server, and you can seethe monitoring of information on the server or app.
The measurement range will be different in different environment, such as temperature, humidity, and other objectives , The ultrasonic sensor enjoys wide popularity due to the powerful mix of low price and high functionality.

– Measuring and monitoring of
– Liquids in Tank such as agriculture, water and sewage
– industries and other industries
– Solid in tank such as plaster, cement and…in Road
– industry and others
– Input to telemetry systems

Level Meter AS-ULM_2

Ultrasonic Level Meter AS-ULM Components

1. Control Box
2. Transducer Sensor with Connector and Cable length 10M as default
3. Connector (3pcs)

Level Meter AS-ULM_1

Technical parameters:

Power Supply Voltage10-28VDC (Default)
100-230VAC 50Hz (optional)
LED Display1.5mm or more resolution
Transducer Installmentthread or others
Measurement MediaLiquids, Solids
Measurement Range30 up to 60.000 mm
OutputRS485 (Default)
4-20mA (Analog Optional)
0-10V (Optional)
M-BUS (Optional)
Bluetooth, WIFI (Optional)
LoRaWan, NB-IOT(Optional)
GPRS, 3G, 4G (Optional)
IP Protection Of TransducerIP68
IP Protection Of TransmitterIP61
Working Temperature-20 ~ +60 C
Storage Temperature-45 ~ +85 C
Working Humidity5 ~ 95%
Galvanic Isolation (1A) Yes
CertificatesCE (LVD, EMC)
Guarantee1 Year