Ultrasonic Heat Meter I-UHM

Heat Meter I-UHM

Ultrasonic Heat Meter I-UHM is a device which measures thermal energy provided by a source or delivered to a sink, by measuring the flow rate of the heat transfer fluid and the change in its temperature (ΔT) between the outflow and return legs of the system.
It is typically used in industrial plants for measuring boiler output and heat taken by process, and for district heating systems to measure the heat delivered to consumers.
It can be used to measure the heat output of say a heating boiler, or the cooling output from a chiller unit.

– Measure liquid: Water
– Accuracy 2.0%. Measure the cold, heat flow separately.
– Precision temperature measurement. It takes PT1000 platinum resistance temperature sensor, matching 0.06℃.
– Real-time display the current measurement data. The historical data could be saved 18 months.
– Lifetime 6 years.
– Output Interface: RS485, Mod-Bus.Standard infrared interface.
– Stable measurement, no mechanical rotating parts.
– Copper or stainless steel, corrosion resistant.
– Heat valve optional

– Patented ultrasonic flow detection technology
– High performance, high precision, high stability and high reliability
– Could measure cold/normal/hot temperature water
– Support photoelectric interface, M-BUS output interface, remote data collection.
– Lifetime 6 years.It is easy and convenient to replace the battery with micro power consumption technology.
– IP68 Protection
– The pipes can be disassembled and cleaned to keep the measurement more accuracy.
– CnIrHurricane unique technology to ensure accurate flow measurement in the whole temperature range
– Dynamic is 1:100
– Small pressure loss, it is less than 50% lost than the industry standards

Ultrasonic Heat Meter I-UHM Specification:

ModelDiameterMaximum flowCommon flowMinimum flow

Standard & Approval
– Designed according to standard <Heat Meters: CJ128-2007>
– Meet JJG225-2001 standard
– Approved by CPA.
– With CMC approval.

– Follow the principle of technical requirements.
– Follow the user manual to install it.
– Install it under the required working pressure and temperature.
– Do not install the UHM around the strong electromagnetic field

Model Definition
I      => Insert Type
U    => Ultrasonic
HM => Heat Meter
40   => Pipe Diameter(DN),mm
II     => 2nd Generation Ultrasonic Heat Meter
IC   => Prepaid Meter,YC:Can be monitored remotely

Technical Specifications :

Meter mediumWater/Homogeneous liquid
Accuracy class2 grade/3 grade
Range ratioQp/Qi=50
Pressure loss<0.015Mpa
Nominal pressure1.6Mpa
Temperature SensorPT1000 platinum resistance Straight plug
Temperature range3K-75K(Heat) /2K-75K(Cold)
Temperature resolution0.01℃
Environment levelA grade
Protection levelIP65
Battery model3.6V Li-battery , lifespan over 6 years
Communication methodInfrared (default)
RS485/M-BUS(default M-BUS)
Communication protocolModbus/T188/Custom (default T188)
Installation positionSupply pipe/return pipe (default supply pipe)
Installation methodParallel or Vertical