Ultrasonic Flow Meter UFM-1510C

Flow Meter UFM-1510C1

Ultrasonic Flow Meter UFM-1510C Series is a state-of-the-art universal transit-time flow meter designed using FPGA chip and low-voltage broadband pulse transmission.
Comparing with other traditional flow meter or ultrasonic flow meter, it has distinctive features such as high precision, high reliability, high capability and low cost and other advantages:
TVT technology designed ,Less hardware components, low voltage broadband pulse transmission,low consumption power, Clear, user-friendly menu selections make flow meter simple and convenient to use.
Daily, monthly and yearly totalized flow Parallel operation of positive, negative and net flow totalizes with scale factor (span) and 7 digit display, while the output of totalize pulse and frequency output are transmitted via relay and open collector.

Flow Meter UFM-1510C_1

Applicable Pipe
– Carbon steel
– Stainless steel

Applicable Industry
– Running water
– Sewage treatment
– Chemical material
– Crude oil
– Sea water desalinization
– Lubricating oil
– Industry Circulating Water
– Drink
– Chemical reagent adding and others

– Water, sewage (with low particle content) and seawater
– Water supply and drainage water
– Power plants (nuclear power plant, thermal and hydro power plants), heat energy, boiler feed water and
– Energy management system
– Metallurgy and mining applications (cooling water and acid recovery, for example)
– Petroleum and chemicals
– Food, beverage and pharmaceutical
– Marine operation and maintenance
– Energy economy supervision and water conservation management
– Pulp and paper
– Pipeline leak detection
– Regular inspection, tracking and collection
– Energy measuring and balance
– Network monitoring systems and energy/flow computer management

Ultrasonic Flow Meter UFM-1510C Specification

Flow range±0.03ft/s ~ ±16ft/s (±0.01m/s ~ ±5m/s)
Accuracy±1.0%(±1.6ft/s~±16ft/s) (±0.5m/s~±5m/s)
Pipe sizeClamp-on:1’’~48’’(25mm~1200mm)
Pipe materialCarbon steel,stainless steel,PVC
OutputsOCT Pulse output:0~5000Hz
Analog output:4~20mA,max load 750Ω
Power supply10~36VDC/1A
Communication interfaceRS485 MODBUS
Keypad16(4×4)key with tactile action
Display20×2 lattice alphanumeric, back lit LCD
HumidityUp to 99% RH,non-condensing
TransducerEncapsulated design,IP68
Transducer cableStandard cable length:30ft(9m)
WeightTransmitter:approximately 0.7kg
Transmitter:approximately 0.4kg
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