Information about open channel flow meter

Why to use the open channel flow meter ?

Sometimes , when we need to measure the liquids that are open to the atmosphere or the liquids may not be full of water in the large pipe , then we will use the open channel flow meter.

The principle of open channel flow meter ?

The measuring method of our open channel flow meter is to use the ultrasonic level measurement technology combined with the flume or weir , which includes a non-contact ultrasonic level sensor by measuring the height or head of the liquid as it passes over an obstruction (a flume or weir) in the channel. And a specially designed channel shapes flume or weir. The sensor will transmit the pulse to the surface of the monitored material , then will receive the echo back. By measuring the time from transmission of an ultrasonic pulse to receipt of an echo, the liquid level could be accurately measured .

Once a weir or flume was installed , and the ultrasonic level sensor is mounted on the top of the flume or weir for measuring the level. Then the flow of the liquid could be calculated accordingly by an equation. There are some types of weir : V-Notch; Rectangular; and Trapezoidal. The equation is associated with each types of weirs or flumes.