Piezoelectric Ceramics


1.Piezoelectric Ceramic List

2.Normal Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Ceramic Transducer (Disc Shape)

3.Normal Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Ceramic Transducer (Annulus Shape)

  • There are the high power piezoelectric ceramics in Annulus Shape above; the standard material is P-81.
  • High-power material P-86, P-85; Medium-power material P-41, P-43, P-45 etc other materials are optional
  • It is Piezoelectric Ceramics for Transmitting; The Piezoelectric Ceramics for Receiving can be same dimension as above.

4.Dimension of Piezoelectric CeramicsĀ (Can be customized)

5.Applications & Characteristics of general Piezoelectric Ceramics

6.Main performance of piezoelectric ceramic (For transmitting)

7.Main performance of piezoelectric ceramic (For receiving)