Clamp-on Flow Meter For Liquid – EUF4315K

Model: EUF4315K
  1. It works once the device being clamp on the pipe
  2. Easy to install, no need to break the pipe
  3. It measures without any adjustments
  4. Permanent and resettable accumulated data
  5. Multi-output option
  6. LCD display
  7. Protection level IP67
Available liquid
  1. Running water
  2. Reclaimed water
  3. Soften water
  4. Cooling water
  5. Pure water
  6. Circulating water and etc…
Application fields
  1. Replace traditional wheel flow meter
  2. Flow measurement control and monitor
  3. Calculate flow volume
  4. Pump protection
  5. Proportion control
  6. Water allocation
  7. Leakage detection
Model Selection