Multifunction Heating Energy Ultrasonic Flow Meter – MUF1868H

Model: MUF1868H

Hurricane MUF1868H series flow meter is a multifunctional heating energy meter which with widely applications. With the advanced digital technology and intelligent self-adjust sound technology, the flow meter with features of high reliable and low maintenance cost.


With 2 temperature sensor inputting, build-in heating/cooling energy calculator, it makes the MUF1868H calculate the value of energy easily.


It takes SD memory to record flow data every seconds. (Record 512days historical data)


The MUF1868H is suit for the measurements on concentration supply of cooling, heating energy; for buildings, stores and residential etc. The sensor can choose from clip-on type, build-in, etc two installation ways, according to the real application.


MUF1868H is an Ultrasonic flowmeter which with advanced modular unibody design, independent menu operation, LCD backlit, product transmitter protection level IP65, sensor protection level is IP68, can be used in damp, such as for the use of harsh environment.


Can be used in various application with RS-485 communication interface, 4-20 mA current signal, Modbus, support product all-weather working.

Standard Configuration of MUF1868H

1. Flow Transmitter
2. Flow Sensor
3. Pipe tie
4. SD card reader

  • With calibration, can be maintaining without stop production.
  • Positive and negative flow measurement, accumulated flow.
  • 8 million data storage, 512 days(longest) historical data store
  • 50,000 hours no-failure operation testing.
  • Flow statistics, quantitative control in different period
  • Lifetime of press key is above 200,000 times.
  • High precision matching temperature sensor.
  • Tensile strength of sensor cable: 800 Newton.
  • Sensor cable signal attenuation-90 dB / 100 M.
  • Power cut compensation
Applicable Pipe
  • Carbon steel Tube
  • Stainless steel Tube
  • PVC Tube
  • Copper Tube
  • Cast Iron Pipe
  • Cement pipe
  • Copper pipe
  • Aluminum pipe


Applicable Industry
  • Water supply/heating supply in districts
  • Chemical
  • The central heating (cold) system
  • Medicine
  • Heat Exchange station
  • Oil



Apply to a single liquid medium, without many impurities, grains, suspended or bubble etc in the liquid, and it is full tube fluid measurements. Wide application (apply for all the liquid materials which sound conduction function).

Model Selection
Connection mode & Dimensions

⇒ Connection diagram

Outer dimension of MUF1868H transmitter

The size of sensor

Size of Anti-explosion casing

Installation, choose points


It is very easy to install the ultrasonic flow meter. Choose one suitable checking point, set the pipe parameter on the flow meter, and fix the transducer on the pipe, and then the flowmeter works. Please take reference on the rules as below while installing.

Checking-point select

The installation of ultrasonic flow meter is the most simple and quick in all flow meter. Only choose one suitable checking point, input the pipe parameter to the flow meter and fix the transducer on the pipe then can make the measurement. Please take reference on the rules as below while installing.

Checking-point select principles
1.Get avoid from the position point 6 and 12 at o ‘clock direction to avoid signal attenuation due to the sediment at the bottom of the pipe or the bubble and cavitations.
2.Adequate consider the deposit condition within the pipe, try to choose the part without deposit for measurement. When completely meet the conditions, it need to take deposit into consideration as lining for better measurement accuracy.