Ultrasonic Water Meter HUUM-20H/25H/32H/40H

1.1 Usage

Measuring the velocity change of sound
which travels through water, can count
the capacity of water in a pipe, equip
with globe valve and SNFC
transmission unit for management to
advance pay after use. Can be recharge
online or off line, it enables remote
packet number (or meter reading).


1.2 Features

  • Low start flow, long range of measurement
  • Counting forward and reverse flow, pinpoint accuracy and stability
  • Low power design & long battery longevity
  • Equipped with leaky detection & burst detection
  • Varieties of communication model, wired M-bus network, radio Ad-Hoc
    network, Bluetooth with smartphone APP can be selected as need,
    easy to access the meter’s data for monitoring
  • Large-capacity data storage, recording meter’s running information
    including 36 months of time-slicing information for the district metering
  • No wear & no moving parts, low head loss
  • Strengthen design for waterproof, IP68 type tested, suitable for
    installation in meter pits
  • Can be fixed in almost any direction, not must to be vertical or
  • Step water prices with E-wallet mode management can adjust the
    using price on preset time.

1.3 Main technical parameters

  • Pipe material: Copper
  • Switch valve: Stainless ball valve
  • Body material:PPS plus fiber glass
  •  Ambient temperature: 0~50℃
  • Fluid temperature: 0+℃~30℃
  • Working pressure: ≤1M Pa
  • Installment environment: Class B
  • Electromagnetic environment: E1
  • Velocity sensitivity level: U10, D5
  • Electron circuit: working voltage 3.6 ~3.2V, minimum current≤5μA
  • Battery: 3.6V high power lithium battery, 10 years of effective servicelife at tBAT ≤30℃ on base module
  • Interactive button: touch-sensitive button
  • Wireless reading: LoRa communication
  • Wired network: M-bus, support multi-protocols
  • Self-service reading & recharge: SNFC adapter plus smartphone
  • Self-service reading: SNFC adapter plus smartphone
  • Data storage: records of running in 36 months
  • Implementing standards:
    GB/T 778.1~3-2007 Measurement of water flow in fully charged
    closed conduits—Meters for cold potable water and hot water CNS
    ISO 4064-1~3:2014 Water meters for cold potable water and hot


1.4 Relative error of measurement

Low segment (Q1≤Q<Q2): -2%≤relative errorε≤2%
Middle segment (Q2≤Q<Q3): -1%≤relative errorε≤1%
High segment (Q3≤Q<Q4): -1%≤relative errorε≤1%


1.5 Flow technique specification


1.6 Outline dimensions

1.7 Curve of flow error


1.8 Curve of head loss