Ultrasonic Level Meter


Ultrasonic Level Meter is a continuous non-contact measurement and monitoring device. The device is mounted on the top of the tank and generates an electric signal that is converted by the sensor to ultrasonic pulses and transmitted through air space, these pulses hits the liquid surface and reflects back to the sensor, the device receive these echoes and calculates the level in the tank.



-Easy to install

-Small installation space(50-60mm for hole)

-High accuracy

-Different measurement range

-Small blind area(if the device Customized for specific environment the minimum dead zone can be less than 30mm)

-Various outputs RS232/RS485

-Resistanttomoisture,dust,hightemperature,etchantgasand other bad environment (can be used indoor and outdoor)

-Requires less maintenance

-No pollution

-High reliability


Note: This series of ultrasonic transducer can also customize according to the customer demands: special specifications of transducer such as high voltage, high temperature resistant, minor-caliber, small blind area and so no.