Ultrasonic Level Meter–HUL4M30E5V1




Adjusting the switching points

The ultrasonic sensor features a switch output with two teachable switching points. These are set by applying the supply voltage – UB or + UB to the TEACH-IN input. The supply voltage must be applied to the TEACH-IN input for at least 1 s.LEDs indicate whether the sensor has recognised the target during the TEACH-IN procedure. Switching point A1 is taught with – UB,A2 with +UB.  Five different output functions can be set.

  1. Window mode, normally-open function.
  2. Window mode, normally-closed function.
  3. One switching point,normally-open function
  4. One switching point,normally-closed function.
  5. Detection of objet presence.

Switching point, Setting distance only after power on. The internal clock can assure can’t be changed after 5 mins when power on.If want to change the switching point, the user can only setting the request distance after power restart.


Installation conditions

If the sensor is installed at the environment temperature fall below 0℃,It should do well on the protective measures. In case of direct mounting of the sensor in a through hole using the steel nuts, it has to be fixed at the middle of the housing thread.