Ultrasonic Fuel-level Meter

(  vehicle tank/ car oil level /diesel level /fuel level sensor for fuel level monitoring solution   )

 1. Description 

Ultrasonic fuel-level meter( oil level /diesel level /fuel level sensor )  is used for fuel level measurement in vehicle fuel tanks, in order to control fuel consumption. The measurements are realized by the ultrasonic sensor installed directly on the external bottom part of the fuel tank and data processing box. The ultrasonic fuel level meter can measure levels of diesel and petrol or other liquid materials depending on software settings. It has several analog and digital interfaces. It could be connected to terminal equipment such as GPS/ GPRS transmitter via EIA-485 and RS232 interfaces. It can realize remote monitoring.



  • Applications:
  • Anti-theft Vehicle fuel
  • Detection of tanker oil level
  • Fuel level detection of unmanned communication base station generator
  • Oil tank level detection of gas station



Liquid Measurable

  • diesel
  • gasoline
  • LPG



Tank  Measurable

  • vehicles fuel tanks
  • fuel tank tracks
  • railway tank cars
  • industrial tanks
  • liquid storages


(1) Location and Fuel Level  Real-time monitoring at Platform.

(2) Download APP to your Phone, Monitor fuel level anytime anywhere!

(3) SMS Alarm!

We developed SMS alerts. While  fuel level decline sharply or other unusual situations,  our platform will send alarm message to your phone. so you needn’t staring at your phone all day!

Fuel Level:

Fuel  Consumption Curves: