Ultrasonic Level Meter YB_1A10

1.Product Introduction

The Ultrasonic level meter is instrument of measured material level,

which is non-contact, high reliability, cost-effective, easy to install and

maintain. It meets the requirements of material level without the contact and

owns the independent property rights with a new generation of ultrasonic level meter by our company.


1.distance measurement

Measure the reflection surface (liquid surface, material surface, wall, etc.) to the transducer directly. See Attachment1.1。

2.Material level

Measure the height of the liquid level or level in the container. By setting the level reference zero (the distance from the ultrasonic transducer to the reference point). Refer to the zero (distance) minus the distance of transducer to the material level to obtain the height of material level (reference zero to the distance). See Figure 1.2.

2.Technical data:
Function Integrated type Split type
Range 5m、10m、15m、20m、30m、40m、50m、60m 5m、10m、15m、20m、30m、40m、50m、60m、70m、
Accuracy 0.25%-0.5% 0.25%-0.5%
Resolution 1.5mm or 0.1%(bigger) 1.5mm or 0.1%(bigger)
Display Chinese and English LED Chinese and English LED
Analog Output 4~20mA/100-400Ω load 4~20mA/100-400Ωload
Relay Output Two groups:

AC 250V/ 3A or DC 30V/ 3A

Two groups

AC 250V/ 3A or DC 30V/ 3A

Power supply Standard:10-28VDC 300-120mA Standard:100-230VAC 50Hz

Optional:10-28VDC 300-120mA



LED : -20~+60℃,

Probe : 20~+80℃

LED : -20~+60℃,

Probe : 20~+80℃

Communication Option:485,232 Communication

(manufactures agreement)

Option:485,232 Communication

(manufactures agreement)

Protection Grade LED: IP65,

Probe: IP68

LED: IP65,

Probe: IP68

Cable Probe No standars:10m  longest:100m
Probe installation According to the range and the probe type According to the range and the probe type
Power Consumption Split type

Power supply:24V,

No relay: 100mA

Channel 1 of Relay: 120mA;

Channel 2 of Relay: 145mA;

Channel 3 of Relay: 170mA;

Channel 4 of Relay: 190mA;

The specific power is as follows:

No relay:  24×100mA=2.4W;

Channel 1 of Relay: 24×120mA=2.9W;

Channel 2 of Relay: 24×145mA=3.5W;

Channel 3 of Relay: 24×170mA=4.1W;

Channel 4 of Relay: 24×190mA=4.6W;

Power Consumption Integrated type(four-wire system)

Power supply:24V,

No relay: 80mA

Channel 1 of Relay: 105mA;

Channel 2 of Relay: 130mA;

The specific power is as follows:

No relay:  24×80mA=1.9W;;

Channel 1 of Relay: 24×105mA=2.5W;

Channel 2 of Relay: 24×130mA=3.1W;

Power Consumption Integrated type(two-wire system)

Power supply:24V,

No relay: 30mA

The specific power is as follows:

No relay:  24×30mA=0.72W


Ultrasonic probes can also be customized according to customer need in this series: high pressure and high temperature resistant, light, small diameter, small blind area and other special regulatory probes.