Handle Ultrasonic Water Level Meter

Ultrasonic water depth level meter BB-UW2000H is use to measure the water depth such as for reservoirs, lakes, rivers, shallow sea depth measurement. When start the measurement, place the sensor on the water surface or underwater to acertain position, the device will automatically calculate the current water depth according to the principle of ultrasound transmits in water.

Our depth level meter adopts the international advanced technology,with water depth measurement function, control function, data transferfunction and man – machine communication capabilities.

This machine in tegrates ultrasonic transceiver sensors, servocircuit, temperature compensation sensor and circuitunit, display screen, and control signal out put units.

It is with distinguish features such as low-main tenance, high reliability, long life, easy touse, simple operation, accurate measurement etc. It is widely used in the hydrographic survey, hydropower plant, reservoir area, shallow seas, lakes, rivers, surveying, environmental water monitoring.



  1. Handheld measurement, portable and easy operation
  2. Two language: Chinese and English, user can auto change
  3. With storage function can store current data
  4. Optional diversion block, effective for the turbulence and bathsound in high speed
  5. With time display function, can show the current date and time
  6. With data transfer function, can read the storage data
  7. Can auto close off the light to save battery power
  8. Long working time, can work for 5 hours after battery charged


Technical Parameters:

  1. Measure Range:1 0 、2 0 、3 0 、5 0 、8 0 、1 0 0 m
  2. Accuracy:±0.5~±1% (basic on the 25 ℃ fresh water standard surface)
  3. Blind Zone:≤500~1200mm
  4. Depth of immersion : 500mm
  5. Detection way: 0.1~100 Hz/s (default is 1Hz/s)
  6. Beam Angle: 15°
  7. Out put signal: (Optional)
  8. Voltage: 0~5V or 1~5V
  9. Current 0~20mA or 4~20m
  10. RS485 & RS232


Sensor parameters:

  1. Measure Liquid: Sea water 、Fresh water (decide when ordering)
  2. Working temperature: 0~40℃、0~50℃、0~60℃ (decide when ordering)


Device parameters:

  1. Power supply: Battery power, DC12V charging
  2. Display: LCD
  3. Display resolution: d=1mm/1cm (auto change according to the measurement range)
  4. Keyboard: Sixs light touch key (within quiry and store key)
  5. Working Temperature:-10℃~0 ℃ Store Temperature: -40℃~85℃
  6. Working Humidity: ≤80%RH non condensing
  7. Store Humidity: ≤70%RH non condensing
  8. Installation Type: Handheld
  9. Sensor dimensions: Φ70×27mm
  10. Working frequency: 100kHz ~200kHz (according to different model)
  11. Cable length: Standard 10m
  12. Manual data or auto data storage function, can save 200 groups data.