Economical Clamp on Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter – EUF1510C

Model: EUF1510C
  • Meet Standard of JJG 1030-2007 for ultrasonic flow meter
  • Approved by ISO9001


Hurricane Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter – EUF1510C with accuracy 1%


Hurricane Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter – EUF1510C series product is a mode of wide application,general economy,clamp on and transite time ultrasonic flowmeter.Its installation is easy,no need to damage the pipe and stop water supplied,customer could easily achieve the flexible pipe liquid measurement.The product can fit with the permanent installation clamp on device,no need the daily maintainance and offer reliable and driftfree measurement for long time.It adopts the advanced digital techology and intelligent adaptive sound technology to make the measurement more stable.Meanwhile It uses the sound focus patent technology to make the quality of signal reception obviously strengthen in continuously measurement.

♦ Hurricane Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter – EUF1510C Series Flowmeter consists of a flow sensor (two ultrasonic transducers), a flow transmitter.The clamp on transducer with the features of easy installation,no need to break pipe and stop working.Specially suitable for the worksite liquid measurement with all kinds of withstand voltage requests.The installation without moving parts,compare with the traditional flowmeter,it is high reliability and low maintainance highlight features.
♦ Hurricane Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter – EUF1510C adopts the advance module integration design,with independent operation menu ,LCD display.The transmitter defend class is up to IP65 and the transducer defend class is up to IP68,could be work under humidity and immersion conditions.
♦ Hurricane EUF1510C series ultrasonic flow meter combines with the RS485 interface,4-20mA current output,Pulse output,Modbus protocol,constitute the flow meter pine-net system.Besides,the flowmeter can expand using the solar,lightning protection power and anti-explosion function module to make the goods work in all kinds of environment.

Standard Configuration of EUF1510C
1. Flow Transmitter  2.Flow Sensor
3. Pipe ties               4. Couplant
5. Fixed screws


♠ Positive and negative flow measurement,,totalized flow data.
♠ Trouble-free working time 50000 hours tested
♠ Time-share flow statistics.
♠ Service life of keyboard press key is more than 20 thousand times

Applicable Pipe
  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • PVC
Applicable Industry
  • Running water
  • Sewage treatment
  • Chemical material
  • Crude oil
  • Sea water desalinization
  • Lubricating oil
  • Industry Circulating Water
  • Drink
  • Chemical reagent adding and others
  • Water, sewage (with low particle content) and seawater
  • Water supply and drainage water
  • Power plants (nuclear power plant, thermal and hydropower plants), heat energy, boiler feed water and
  • Energy management system
  • Metallurgy and mining applications (cooling water and acid recovery, for example)
  • Petroleum and chemicals
  • Food, beverage and pharmaceutical
  • Marine operation and maintenance
  • Energy economy supervision and water conservation management
  • Pulp and paper
  • Pipeline leak detection
  • Regular inspection, tracking and collection
  • Energy measuring and balance
  • Network monitoring systems and energy/flow computer management

Model Selection
Connection mode & Dimensions

⇒ Connection diagram

⇒ Dimensions of transmitter  unit: mm

Outer dimension of EUF1510Ctransmitter

Installation dimension of EUF1510C transmitter

Dimensions of transducer  unit: mm

  • Transducer installation:

V type installation mode is applicable for size from 25mm to 500mm

(the same side,do not choose the top or bottom position of the pipe )

Z type installation mode is applicable for size from 100mm to 5000mm

(different side,do not choose the top or bottom position of the pipe )

Checking-point select

The installation of ultrasonic flow meter is the most simple and quick in all flow meter. Only choose one suitable checking point, input the pipe parameter to the flow meter and fix the transducer on the pipe then can make the measurement. Please take reference on the rules as below while installing.

Checking-point select principles
1.Get avoid from the position point 6 and 12 at o ‘clock direction to avoid signal attenuation due to the sediment at the bottom of the pipe or the bubble and cavitations.
2.Adequate consider the deposit condition within the pipe, try to choose the part without deposit for measurement. When completely meet the conditions, it need to take deposit into consideration as lining for better measurement accuracy.