11Mhz Ultrasonic Medical Sensor

Medigus Ultrasound transducer Specification

Intend of use:Distance measurements.
Mounting instruction: The transducer will be installed into a hole in the distal tip of the endoscope. The distal tip face and the transducer face will be align after the installation.
Type – transducer: both transmitting and receiving.
Number of elements: single (can be change by the manufacture).
Center Frequency ¨C 11.0MHz ± 10%.
Beam pattern – directional perpendicular to the transducer face.
Beam width – around 1mm (Fresnel zone)
Fractional Bandwidth – >65%.
Ringing (Transmission) – < 350 nsec at -20dB.
Impedance – 75 Ohm (TBD).
Loop sensitivity better than 46dB
Excitation method – Pulse.
Pulse amplitude 20Vp-p.
Pulse duration – usually 50nsec (it can be varied in the range of 10-150nsec).
Pulse repetition – 60-100msec.
Matching layer – biocompatible material with 1.5MR.
Housing – made from biocompatible material.

Sterilization Method – ETO
Sealing ¨C full for immersion in water and stomach acids.
Dielectric breaking voltage – 500v.
Transducer outer diameter (including housing) – 2mm +00mm/ -.05mm.
Transducer length – 5mm ± .1mm.(can be change by manufacture)
Cable – C Coax or twisted pair (to be define).
Cable impedance – 75ohm.
Cable diameter – 0.7mm ±TBD.
Cable length – 1400 mm.
Connector – no connector – leave cable exposed 5mm.
Temperature operation – 10℃-60℃.
Temperature Storage - (-20℃-+80℃)